Qualities of a Good Politician

What are the qualities that you like in your political representative? The question though seem very simple but is not What I feel and have seen around me that people fail to understand how important it is to choose a right political head for you A political head can be anybody; a head of the country, a state, an organization or an institute and it is equally important to choose a good politician no matter how big or small the organization may be. The reason being that only a leader can either break or make an organization. If your leader is inadequate no matter how successful the institution maybe can turn into zero. The institution will tend to lose its importance with time with a bad politician as its head.

The qualities of good politician are as follows:

1 The politician should hold a respectable position in society. This is important because only then will people have faith and give their 100% in everything that is required. A politician with a respectable position in society before acquiring a post, tends to be influential on people more and persuasive to great extent.

  1. The politician should be of calm nature. This calm nature of a person makes him wiser and lets him decide his action or reactions after considering all the pros and cons. A good politician should never be haphazard in his actions or else he is ought to lose the confidence of the people.
  2. The politician’s moral should be high. He or she should not believe in deceptions and lies. He should work with all his heart and should for his people whom he is representing or working for. A leader with a high moral is better equipped to lead his political association. This will earn him faith of the people which will in return give him all the love and support required.
  3. The politician should be updated. This means that the politician should know not only what is going on in his part of the group but also of society as a whole. A Politician who keeps himself updated is sharp, intelligent, and interactive and has great communications skills and all this helps in making deals, treaties and agreements with other political groups. Such politicians are technology savvy and know how to put them into right use

Apart from the above mentioned qualities of good politician, there are others too like, the politician should hold a good personality so that the people look up to him and feels proud of their leader which makes them feel more confident as well as inclined towards him. The politician should work on strict time schedule and be quick and sharp in his decision makings. He should have a clear cut view of all the aspects and perspectives involved. All these qualities of good politician is what defines him in every aspect and gives an idea of what the people look in him or want in their leader to be like.


politics in our daily doings

politics has become everyday activity in almost every professional. regardless of ones age and professional, everyone has to undergo politics. for one to survive and make it in life, he or she has to know the tips on politics. there are several tips that one has to know and master in order to survive and make it in the society. there are some people who will always want to pull you down intentionally in order to gain political power and gain.

Here are some of the tips on politics that should be mastered.you must get an experienced political adviser. this adviser will always guide and mentor you throughout your life. this is one of the brightest idea one can ever make to conquer in life. your adviser will also give you counselling on the best things to do.always stay calm and positive. being calm and positive will make you overcome some of the bad things and rumors made against you by your friends and coworkers therefore making you remain focus on what you are doing,

Getting concerned about what is said about you will just be a waste of time and energy for unnecessary issues.use a spy to get what is said about you but use the polite ways to reply to it. by so doing, you will get all the information from you enemies and thus be aware about their plans against you. never outshine your master. you must always obey and be honest to your master for he is the king. your master should never get annoyed with you in any occasion or situation. your master is always right right, if you don’t agree with what he says then use the polite means to disagree with him or her.have good character always at work or anywhere.

Being of good character makes you stay away from any sort of conflict at work thus improving your reputation with your master of employer. this also means means you have to be very trustful by all your fellow workers and your boss too.always know your enemies, this will help you know how to approach and deal with them at any time you come in contact. you must also have strategies on how to deal with them, else they will pull you down and gain politically as you suffer.lastly on tips on politics, act the way you want your colleagues to act, be a pace setter to them.


How To Become A Good Politician

The reality on the ground is when most people are elected as politicians all the promises and changes promised to the people who elected them go out the window. In this way people usually lose trust in the government at large as in anything to do with politics. However if you have been newly elected and want to make a good politician there are simple guidelines that will guide you in your quest on how to become a good politician Interact with the community

Interaction with the community that elected you is the first thing in the list on how to become a good politician. This is because this is the only way you will be able to learn on where you are going wrong and in case new problems emerge on how you can deal with it as swiftly as possible as the people will always give you multiple solutions at a go. However do not wait on too long before going to the people who look up to you as by that time you will have lost touch with them and they will become cold towards you

Remember you are an employee of the people

Remembering that you were elected by citizens to represent them will ensure that you always remember you are there to serve them and they are in fact your boss not the other way round. In this case you will do well to ensure to serve them to the best of your ability and push for the things they request and not feel as if you are above them. Learn from the past

When looking on how to be a good politician do research on the history will help you be better informed on your predecessors past mistakes and on how to avoid them. With most politicians working in the same line as the people they find in office to survive, set yourself apart from the rest and ensure you push for the reforms you promised your people. This way proving yourself to be a better politician that the rest. Always look for new ways to benefit the people you represent

In a nutshell when in a pursuit on how to become a good politician, doing more than what you were elected to do will make you a better politician. This you can do by keeping up with current events any chance you have and deriving new ways to benefit your people. In this case look at news papers, journals, and all types of magazines and make your decisions accordingly by the guidance of your people.